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Bathtub & Shower Installation and Repair

If you are thinking about replacing your bathtub or shower faucets in Greater Boston, look no further than I&C Mechanical – Plumbing & Heating. Transform your bathtub or shower into a spa to relax at the end of a long day with new fixtures. We offer complete bathtub and showering installation, replacement, and repair plumbing services in Greater Boston MA area.

Bathtub & Shower Installation and Repair in Boston

We recommend high quality products for fixtures and faucets:

The reoccurrence of dripping water out of a faucet or shower fixture is a reminder a plumbing company should be contacted to evaluate the problem. At I&C Mechanical – Plumbing & Heating our bathtub and shower plumbing services consist of:

  • Bathtub and shower faucet repairs or replacements
  • Bathtub drain testing
  • Shower pan and drain testing
  • Bathtub and shower water pressure testing on interior wall piping
  • Bathtub and shower trim replacement (shower head, handles, and drain piece)

Installing new faucets in your bathtub or shower can improve the look of your bathroom and also make getting ready or relaxing easier with the power to control the temperature and pressure of the water. I&C Mechanical – Plumbing & Heating installs a variety of bathtub and shower faucets to fit your personal taste and style of your bathroom.  

Reasons to install new faucets:

  • Improve look of your bathroom
  • Upgrades are typically more efficient
  • Fix a leaking or dripping problem

Types of Bathtub fixtures I&C Mechanical – Plumbing & Heating installs:

  • Two handle
  • Two handle with diverter for hand held sprayer

Types of Bathtub/shower fixtures I&C Mechanical – Plumbing & Heating installs:

  • Single handle
  • Two handle
  • Two handle with diverter

Types of Shower Stall fixtures I&C Mechanical – Plumbing & Heating installs:

  • Single handle
  • Two handle for hot/cold temperature
  • Two handle for pressure and temperature control
  • Multiple shower heads or full body spray systems

Have a clogged shower or bathtub Drain? Contact us to learn more about drain clogs.

Your bathtub or shower can look brand new in just a few short hours with the installation of new fixtures from I&C Mechanical – Plumbing & Heating. Replacing old faucets can stop leaking and dripping problems you may have had in the past. Many new faucets are efficient in water use, so it will also decrease your water bill.

By simply having new bathtub or shower fixtures installed, you can give your bathroom a quick but luxurious makeover into the spa retreat of your dreams. Let I&C Mechanical – Plumbing & Heating help this become a reality with the different fixtures we can install.

I&C Mechanical – Plumbing & Heating is here to help you make the best decisions with Bathtub & Shower Installation and Repair. Contact us now for your plumbing needs!

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