The Do's & Don'ts of your Garbage Disposal

The Do’s & Don’ts of your Garbage Disposal

You may be a huge fan of your garbage disposal, but do you treat it right? We often take the things we rely on the most for granted, and our poor garbage disposals can suffer by making a simple, little mistake. Maybe you don’t even mean to be doing it, but your kitchen habits could be harming your disposal and plumbing.

Check out these Do’s & Don’ts to make sure your garbage disposal is given the care it deserves. Read more

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Garbage Disposal Repair

When you are cleaning up, should you rinse the residue and food particles from the sink into the garbage disposal? Unfortunately, when homeowners have a garbage disposal, they forget that there is a sewer line attached to it. When a garbage disposal is used to get rid of grease, coffee grounds or harmful chemicals are used, the long-term damage can be caused to your sewer line. To get a better understanding of how to avoid damaging your sewer system through liberal use of your garbage disposal, keep reading. If you are asking yourself, which are the best garbage disposal repair plumbing contractors near me?, may we suggest I&C Mechanical – Plumbing & Heating for those who live in the Boston Metro area. Read more