The heating professionals here at I & C Mechanical, Inc would like to share something with you that may come as a bit of a surprise: loud banging noise from your furnace, boiler or other heater is not normal! Most people have heard these noises for so long that they have come to believe that this is the standard sounds that heating systems are supposed to make. A heater is supposed to be unseen, unheard, and unnoticed. Whether you have a steam, forced hot water or hot air system, let the heater technicians at I & C Mechanical, Inc repair your heating system so it remains silent and evenly distributes heat throughout all of the rooms in your home.

If it is time to replace your boiler or furnace, you should focus on not just merely having it replaced with the same type of unit, but having your home reevaluated for the most efficient and cost‐effective system to date. As high‐efficiency heater become more efficient, it is easy to oversize equipment which costs you money to operate. The heating technicians at I&C Mechanical, Inc will perform a heating analysis on your home and will identify the perfect heating system for you.

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