3 Potential Causes Of The Dreaded Rattling Pipe

3 Potential Causes Of The Dreaded Rattling Pipe

No home plumbing problem is quite as frustrating as a pipe that rattles or vibrates loudly every time you turn on the water. Unfortunately, many homeowners remain completely stumped when it comes to the potential causes of this problem. Learn more about diagnosing an annoying, rattling pipe. This article will discuss three possible sources of a rattling pipe in your house.

Loose Pipe Clips

The simplest explanation for a rattling pipe is also the most common: the pipe simply has too much “wiggle room.” The pressure of water moving through the pipe thus causes it to bang and rattle against the nearby framing elements. So now the pipe clips are loose. To fix this problem, all that needs to be done is secure the pipe more firmly using new pipe clips. Of course, this can be easier said than done, depending on the particular location of the rattling pipe. Portions of wall or flow may need to be removed.

High Water Pressure

Vibration caused by high water pressure is another common source of noisy pipes. Unfortunately, this issue is not quite as harmless as a simple loose pipe. That is because high water pressure can cause permanent damage both to your pipes and to the fixtures and appliances inside of your home. If you suspect that you are dealing with high water pressure, contact a knowledgeable plumber like Aladdin Plumbing as soon as possible.

Water Hammer

Water hammer is a commonly occurring problem when dealing with fixtures equipped with fast-closing valves. Toilets and faucets both fall into this category. The problem is that when the valve suddenly snaps into its open position, the water flow can act as a hammer. The suddenness of this change causes “hammering” within the pipe. Fortunately, the problem can be addressed by hiring a plumber to install a water hammer arrestor to the problematic pipe.

For more information about how to combat loud or rattling pipes, contact I&C Mechanical’s plumbing experts.

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