Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

Your water heater provides you with important things like clean dishes and hot showers. However, without proper maintenance, your water heater may not provide those warm showers you’ve come to love and expect.

Tankless water heaters are durable and designed to give you years of quality performance, but you can’t neglect them and expect hot water without hiccups. Use this guide to learn more about why it’s so important to keep up with your tankless water heater maintenance.

Hard Water

Hard water is a result of mineral buildup. While hard water won’t hurt your water heater right off the bat, a lot of buildup can put stress on your tankless water heater and reduce its efficiency. Eventually, your water heater may shut down if left unchecked for too long.

While many water heaters have lights or sensors that tell you when limescale or other mineral build up is getting to be too much for the system, it’s on you to check those and take care of your water heater. Not all tankless water heaters feature those sensors and lights, so if yours doesn’t, you’ll need to be even more vigilant.

Poor Performance

Over time, limescale buildup and minerals that come with hard water can wreak havoc on tankless water heaters, causing them to perform poorly. You may not notice it at first, but eventually, you will find that you’re not getting the quality of hot water that you used to.

You may also begin to notice that your water feels different. With tankless water heaters, sediment buildup is often pushed up into the lines and out of your faucets, which is different than how sediment collects at the bottom of a standard tank-style water heater.

Poor performance for your water heater might mean a strange feeling shower, murky water, or drinking water that just doesn’t taste quite right.

Get Your Tankless Water Heater Checked by the Pros

You go to the dentist regularly, get an annual physical, and have your heating and AC checked at the beginning of spring and winter. You do these things because preventative maintenance is more cost-effective than fixing major problems that occur due to neglect. The same principle is true of your tankless water heater.

Regular maintenance will ensure that you have fewer large-scale problems and better water quality throughout your home.

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